About Us

Caldera Games
Caldera Games is an independent game studio development, project that started in the mind of two french early 2014.

The Team



Role: Co-founder, Graphist, Game Designer, Web Designer.
Description: I live in France, passionate by pop culture like video games, as well cinephile and interested in art in general. I’m oriented in the creation domain as autodidact, as well as game development.


Vivien “Hanksha” Jovet

Role: Co-founder, Game & Web Programmer, Game Designer.
Description: I live in the Philippines where I finish a degree in Computer Science. Very curious, I believe in self-education, which lead me to game development where I express myself through various programming languages.


Rowan Sgarlata

Role: Composer, Sound Designer.
Description: Currently living in Melbourne, Australia, having a bachelor in digital and interactive media scoring. Inspiration mainly comes from Nobuo Uematsu who composed the Final Fantasy Series. Currently composing for video games, tv shows and films. My Soundcloud.